on Cellular Ryptography and Algebraic Probabilities (co-located with the EWSCS '15)


CrapCon 2015 is a world-famous international forum for scientists and engineers, researchers and consultants, theoreticians and practitioners, Varmo and Tarmo, food and drinks, providing an outlet for the scientific presentations of most recent developments, focused into specific disciplinary research, as well as to multi- inter- and transdisciplinary studies.

Why Crapcon?

There are many good focused conferences in any one of the major themes of CRAP Conferences. There are also very good conferences even in the more specific areas included in the major themes of CRAP Conferences. There are also good general conferences, which have a wider scope and are more comprehensive. Each one of these kinds of conferences has its typical audience. CRAP 2015 will bring together both kinds of audiences, so participants, with a focused research, with non-focused or multi-focused research or with a comprehensive intellectual, industrial or business interest will be able to to see the forest besides the tree of their discipline, and to be aware about the neighboring trees [1].

Topics of interest

The conference intends to cover all aspects of the abovementioned focused, specific and general research areas as well as neighboring trees. The potential topics include, but are not limited to nor restricted by:

The conference website is:

Call for Presentations

Researchers of all areas and ages are welcome to submit their results in the form of an oral presentation given at the conference site in front of the worldwide CrapCon community.

The presentation duration is expected to fail in the range of 2 to 10 minutes.

Please, register the title of your talk with one of the Program Committee members.

Conference Venue

The conference will be hosted in the restaurant of Park Hotel Palmse.


March 5rd (Thursday)
19:30 - 20:30  Conference dinner session
21:00 - 21:05  Welcome session
21:05 - 22:00  
Plenary session
22:00 - 23:00  Student session
23:00 - 23:10  Closing session

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Staring Committee

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